Keyboard shortcuts are disabled on macOS

Is there any reason the keyboard shortcuts are disabled (and greyed out) on macOS? Here's a screenshot: 2021-09-22 at 00.24.28.png
  • Because you're not in a text field, presumably. Those are text actions.
  • I'm afraid not. They're permanently disabled, along with items in all other menus (e.g., Tools menu). I just gave the Edit menu as one example.
  • Can you provide some more screenshots, along with a Report ID? It shouldn't even be possible for anything in Tools to be disabled, so something's very wrong on your system if that's the case.

    Have you tried restarting your computer?
  • Report ID: 106893469

    I think I see the problem though: the Tools menu only has one shortcut, which a one I set myself in the macOS Keyboard settings. It seems Zotero doesn't play nicely with that, but the built-in shortcuts in e.g. the File menu are working. Sorry for the false alarm in that regard!
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