Title field displays CSL

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In the main list of bibliographic entries, the `Title` field seems to display CSL. This isn't great, for obvious reasons. I don't know if *all* CSL markup can be rightly stripped when displaying it in the list, but surely span's at least can?

Incidentally, is there any terser syntax corresponding to <span class="nocase">...</span>? I understand <nc>...</nc> is deprecated.
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    Please back-up and further explain your issue.

    It may help if you do a screen capture that shows the problem, post that to a public place (like DropBox), and reply with a link to the image.

    Use other words to describe "the main list of bibliographic entries". I presume that you mean the Zotero display of the list of article (etc.) records.

    Do you mean that you are seeing things like <span> , <i> , <sup> , <b> or the like? These are HTML tags that control the appearance of the text when printed to a screen etc. (Actual CSL doesnt appear on the screen view of your Zotero program. CSL is what formats the bibliographic records to meet the requirements of your chosen style.)

    I guess that these are imported records accepted by using Zotero import browser button. What was the source of these records. Give an example URL.

    When you say more about your problem someone will be able to solve it.
  • Can you describe what you mean by “CSL” year? What sort of markup do you mean? Can you give a specific example?
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    I've fixed the code blocks above for @alexreg.

    Stripping/rendering the HTML subset supported in the Title field is planned. (A recent overhaul of the items list makes rendering of the rich-text tags possible, and stripping of the supported <span> tags could happen at the same time.)
  • @DWL-SDCA I thought I was pretty clear, but in any case, that's indeed what I mean. Perhaps the confusion was caused by assuming it was CSL, when in fact it's an HTML subset(?)

    Here's a screenshot to further confirm the issue.

    https://transfer.sh/dJKcXP/Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 15.30.19.png

    Actually not imported, but rather manually inserted, for the purpose of exporting to Bib(La)TeX with correct casing.

    Anyway, seems like @dstillman has kindly already solved this.
  • @bwiernik I didn't write "year", but perhaps I wrongly assumed it was CSL syntax when in fact it's an HTML subset. Hope that clarifies.
  • @dstillman You mean the handling of my particular use case is now implemented in the codebase? That's great, thank you. Glad to hear a general solution is also in the works.
  • @alexreg: No, the HTML tags in your original post were hidden by the forum software — that, and the fact that you called it "CSL" rather than HTML, is why no one else understood what you were referring to. I just added <code> blocks to your post so they show up properly.
  • Ah, I didn't notice that... thanks.
  • In the latest Zotero 6 beta, supported HTML from the Title field will be rendered properly in the items list. They'll still show as markup in the item pane for now.
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