I purchase additional storage and I cannot sync

I purchased the unlimited plan. I am trying to export files out of RefWorks (it worked), but I am having problems importing those same files into Zotero, even with the unlimited plan. Can someone please help me?
  • Could you say more about the type of problems you're having?
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    Syncing to an account with an unlimited plan probably isn't relevant.

    You say that you successfully exported records from RefWorks but tell us the export format you used for the export. You must import those records to the personal-computer-based Zotero before you can sync to your online account where you have unlimited storage.

    What did you do to import the old records into Zotero? I don't use RefWorks so I don't know the options for export formats. You will need to select one that exports your records' metadata and the attached pdf files of articles. The export format must be one that Zotero can import.

    See: https://www.zotero.org/support/moving_to_zotero
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