In-text Author Name Management with Notes-Bibliography Styles

I'm sure this is a bigger undertaking and, therefore, an unlikely-in-the-near-term project. But my discipline (biblical studies) and others (e.g., typically wants initials or a given name with a surname when an author is mentioned in the main text of a paper while using, for the most part, a notes-bibliography citation style. (E.g., this is consistent with the practice of Turabian 9, A.11, although I don't find it ever stated in Chicago or Turabian as a "rule.")

So, for instance, the first time I mention her in the main text, I'd comment on how "Maria Raeder" says thus and so and then cite her work in a corresponding footnote. But each subsequent time, I'd simply mention "Raeder" in the main text and then have a footnote to cite the appropriate place in her work.

If I then mention her before the first reference, I'll have "Maria Raeder" still earlier and have to update what was previously the first reference to read just "Raeder." Or if I reorder material, a subsequent mention of "Raeder" has to become "Maria Raeder," and the now later "Maria Raeder" has to become "Raeder."

Especially in larger-scale documents, it would be helpful if Zotero's word processor integration could manage this kind of author name insertion and whether or not a given name (or initials) is included. E.g., an "Add/Edit Author Name" button that would drop an appropriately formatted author name at the current cursor location with the appropriate field codes to manage the form of that name as the document evolves.

Again, I'm sure this is a fairly involved request but it might be one that would prove beneficial to a variety of Zotero users in different disciplines. (Ideally there would be a similar disambiguation process to those already available for in-text notes so that multiple "Smiths" or "Johnsons" etc. wouldn't get confused.)

Thanks so much for considering it!
  • I think the way we have the in-text cite behavior conceptualized for CSL 1.2 (principally designed for in-text parenthetical citations like Stark (2021), this would be possible as an extension once that's fully implemented.
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