Sync issue with WebDav - file accessible localy but not online

I am experiencing trouble syncing my local files and making them available on my web library on where the name of the pdf files are appearing (in light grey) and are impossible to open. I am also unable to access the files on iOS beta app where I get the message "Attached file could not be found".

I've followed the steps for setting up webdav and it seems to work properly since I get no error message when I click "verify server" in the sync tab from the preferences on my computer app and the Zotero .prop and .zip files are on my webdav server.

I followed the step from this post:
and reached step 5 where we are told to submit a debug ID for the first sync after performing Reset File Sync History and opening up a file localy. This I've just done, and here is my Debug ID: D1039444039

My pdf files are still not openable on my web library and I am wondering what I could still do to solve this. Any idea,clue or help to solve this would be very much appreciated.
Thanks a lot,
  • The whole point of WebDAV is that you're using your own server, and the Zotero web library doesn't know anything about the files. If you want to access the files from the web library, you'll need to use Zotero Storage.
  • Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought that webdav enabled the same services but with another storage solution.
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