iOS beta - PDF annotations not displayed correctly

I have a pdf with underline annotations added in. The PDF reader in zotero has a hard time with this though. This is with an iPad Air 3rd gen, running iOS 14.7.1

1) When just opening the file, the underline becomes an overline.
2) If I change color appearances, the underline changes from red to yellow, except if I zoom all the way out. Any amount of zoom in causes the underline (displayed as overline) to be the wrong color.

Side Note: Being able to annotate a PDF with underlines would be highly appreciated. Or opening the file in a different PDF reader that would be able to add underlines (such as GoodReader).
  • If you don't mind sharing that file with us, can you email it to with a link to this thread?

    We don't have any plans to add underlining support. What does that do that highlighting doesn't? Highlighting allows you to mark text that can later be added to Zotero notes, and I think it would be confusing to have a separate annotation type that just did the same thing.
  • Sure, I can send the PDF to y'all.

    I use underlining as a subtle annotation. It's mainly to highlight what is being discussed in a specific part of a paper so I can navigate it more quickly. So it's less of a "here's an important statement I want to reference later" and more a "FYI, if you were looking for the discussion on ______, it's right here". It also makes the reading process a bit more active for me.

    I wouldn't expect zotero to keep track of those annotations, though I guess other's would disagree if you added the feature.
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