Will only load first 50 articles from my search to Zotero

This discussion was created from comments split from: BUG 20/9 21 - Issues loading content in my library.
  • CINAHL will only load the first 50 articles from my search to Zotero. I tried all day yesterday and today. I have gone through all of the suggested steps but still to no avail it will not save to Zotero. I have unloaded Zotero off of my computer and the Zotero connector off of Chrome, checked my settings in the Zotero connector, turned off all other extensions and still nothing. I called the help desk at my university and they were unable to help.
  • Please start new threads for new issues — it sounds like you you're describing a totally different issue. I've moved this to a new thread.

    Can you explain exactly what you're doing and what's happening?

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