Testing new beta - multiple devices and database backup?

Hi, I'm thinking about trying out the new beta.

(i) I run zotero on multiple devices (win laptop, linux pc & ipad).
Do I need to update zotero to beta software on all devices?

(ii) I understand that the database is updated and can't be rolled back?
If that's the case, which exact database files should I back up? (I use my own webdav storage for attachments).

Thanks - and sorry if this has been answered already, as I couldn't find the info.
  • Note that WebDAV file syncing isn't currently available in the beta iOS app, if that affects your plans.

    While you don't need to update everything to the beta, we strongly recommend it — otherwise you may get sync errors on the non-upgrade devices.

    Database issue is explained on the beta download page.
  • @dstillman - thanks for the reply.

    I'll wait until webdav works for the iOS app.
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