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I have tried to upgrade my storage plan to 2GB by means of sending an email to following the steps on the upgrade storage page. My outlook responded stating that the mail-system is non-responsive.
Outlook claims a statuscode of 4.4.7 and if Zotero sends me an e-mail adress I will happily forward them the contents of the error message.

I would still very much like to upgrade my storage since I really enjoy using the service so I was hoping that I can find the right person to contact through the forums since the e-mail adress doesn't seem to work for me. Or if alternatively there is something I can try so that the mailsystem at does respond.

Thans a lot in advance,
  • What's the full error message you're getting?
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    For the original message in my native language see below.
    It roughly translates to:
    Despite repeated attempts the message has not been delivered. The e-mailsystem of the adressed is not responding.

    Get in touch with the adressed in a different way and ask them to inform the e-mail host of the fact that their system most likely does not accept connection requests from your e-mailsystem. It is most likely that the e-mail host of the adressed is the only one who can solve this problem. (
    Ondanks herhaalde pogingen is het bericht niet afgeleverd. Het e-mailsysteem van de geadresseerde reageert niet.

    Neem op een andere manier contact op met de geadresseerde (bijvoorbeeld telefonisch) en vraag de geadresseerde om de e-mailbeheerder op de hoogte te stellen van het feit dat zijn e-mailsysteem geen verbindingsaanvragen accepteert van uw e-mailsysteem. Waarschijnlijk is de e-mailbeheerder van de geadresseerde de enige die dit probleem kan oplossen.

    Zie Statuscode 4.4.7 voor meer informatie

    Diagnostische gegevens voor beheerders:

    [removed — D.S.]
  • Can you try again now and let us know once you've sent it?
  • I have sent it just now.
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    OK, that went through. We didn't change anything on our end, so might've just been a glitch with your mail server (e.g., temporarily ending up on a spam blocklist).
  • Cool, glad it's solved now.
    Thanks for your help!
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