Style incorrect


I noticed a mistake in one of the styles in the repository, namely the one for International Studies Quarterly (id:international-studies-quarterly).

When making citations in the text including page numbers, the style uses a colon followed by the page number, without blank space, as in Abbott and Snidal (2000:23).

The journal actually requires a comma, followed by a blank space, and then the page number, turning the citation above into Abbott and Snidal (2000, 23).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • I just switched the style to Chicago autor-date 17th edition, which is what the journal says to use.
    It won't have the small caps (but I assume they add those during typeset) and it will have DOIs (but those are in line with Chicago author-date and journals typically appreciate them), but otherwise should look exactly as they have it.

    The style will update shortly, but you can also just use Chicago directly, there's no difference.
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