iOS Beta: Sync failed

Zetro iOS Beta 1.0(149) caused a sync failed error 'Failed API response: No response', and could not sync article states. Bug reported in D1961088707.
  • Do you get that every time you sync? Can you provide another Debug ID for it?
  • The error solved by had delete and re-install.

    D1830616452 is a debug ID after re-installed and solved.

    If you want, I'll try to reproduce the sync failed error.
  • I got the same error and finally had to reinstall Zotero as well.
  • I am too facing syncing issue for one file. It is working fine on Zotero Desktop App (beta).

    Debug ID: D155230623
  • @deepakawl how did you create that file? Directly through app or from Safari with share extension? And you're saying this file actually opens fine on the desktop after it synced from your iOS device?
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