Save Collections as Folders in Windows Explorer/Mac Finder?

Hi, Zotero is awesome, but there is something that I'm finding difficult. How can I have my Collections folders and sub folders - with their respective citations - be saved to my hard drive in the same folder hierarchical structure? Zotero uses a GUID for the folder names, making browsing of files in Explorer impossible.
  • Collections can't map to folders, since collections are many-to-one with items.

    We strongly recommend just letting Zotero manage your files, not worrying about the internal folder structure, and accessing them primarily through Zotero, which has much more flexible search and organization features than the filesystem. You can drag files right from Zotero to copy them somewhere or even, depending on your mail client, into an email. (If that doesn't work for you, you can just right-click → Show File and do the same.)

    If you want to access the files from outside Zotero, you can either use your OS's global search or set up a virtual folder to just show you a flat list of all PDFs within the Zotero 'storage' folder.
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