Edge Case doi lookup fail

Zotero (macOS 11.5.2) failed to look up the following odd-looking doi using the magic wand:


I wonder if someone can guide me towards posts or other references that may help me understand why this is the case. Should this issue be reported elsewhere?
  • These are some very old DOIs from Wiley with the < and > characters in them that don’t work with many of the DOI APIs (which a variety of services, including Zotero, use). Thankfully they are pretty rare
  • Thank you, @bwiernik. Do you know of anyone working on this as part of a contribution to the zotero project? Or is it so rare that no one would or should bother?
  • This isn’t an issue with Zotero, it’s a problem with the broader DOI infrastructure (CrossRef APIs, etc.) on which Zotero relies for these features. These affect not only Zotero but any other tool relying on the same CrossRef APIs. There isn’t anything that Zotero can fix here.
  • Understood. Thank you.
  • (and yes, I think these are insignificant enough to ignore -- basically CrossRef tells you to ignore them for most practical purposes, too)
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