Only recently merged items syncing?

Hi there.
I got a new computer and I went to set up the Zotero app. The library wouldn't sync and showed no errors. It did sync my folders, but nothing inside of them. This was the case after many hours of waiting. When I clicked sync, it said it was synched. Everything was listed on the website view. I opened Zotero on my laptop and everything was in there. While I had my laptop open, I merged a few items. I turned around to the new desktop and the merged items, BUT NOTHING ELSE, appeared in my desktop.

Yes, everything is checked in the syncing preferences.

Error code 1211113318
  • This was a totally new computer, on which Zotero had never been installed previously? Was there anything notable about the initial steps you took to set it up? Did you just enter your username/password in the preferences and click the Sync button?

    We'll look into how this might've happened, but your best bet at this point is to just close Zotero, delete the Zotero data directory completely, reopen Zotero, and sync again, which should pull down all your data (though that should've happened the first time too).
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