Is it possible to have the DOI translator fix bad author metadata

See :

The numeric superscript to indicate affiliation and corresponding author asterisk is included in the metadata sent by the publisher to the DOI registration database. In the past with this journal and a few others I've just presumed that cleaning this problem would require my own hand editing of each authors' last name to remove the trash. Perhaps, it might be easier to do on your end than I feared.
  • It's definitely always OK to ask -- fixing metadata import is often possible. I this case, unfortunately, I'm a bit skeptical. I'd be worried there may be legitimate instances of numbers at the end of family names and, of course, the DOI translator is used very widely.
  • That is what I was afraid you would say.

    There is always the social science researcher who long ago changed his name to "Perri 6" ( ) and my database contains several institutional authors with the number 6 in the name.

    I've written to the publisher.
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