Zotero hangs each time I add a citation

I'm greeted with this message each time I add a new citation to my Google Doc:

"Zotero is updating your document.
Please wait..."

Then I need to wait for several minutes. Sometimes, the window never disappears even after 5 minutes, so I have to manually refresh the page and hope it works. Other times, I need to wait for 2-3 minutes before the window disappears.

Next, if I want to add another citation to the Google Doc, I need to follow these steps:

1. Refresh the Google Doc browser page
2. Quit the Zotero app
3. Start the Zotero app
4. Go back to the Google Doc
5. Add a citation
6. Wait 5 minutes
7. Go to Step 1 for the next citation

This seems like a pretty big issue with Zotero, so I will need to try a different option next time.

I just thought you might be interested to know what Zotero users are experiencing day to day.
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    The Google Docs plugin is considerably slower than the Word or LibreOffice plugins due to the way Google Docs works, but this isn't normal behavior when using Google Docs in a moderately sized document, obviously. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds to insert a citation.

    How big is the document, and how many citations are in it? If it's large, do you have "Automatically update citations" disabled in the plugin's document preferences?

    Can you restart your browser and Zotero and provide a Debug ID from Zotero for a citation insertion that takes several minutes?
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