Managing Zotero in the entreprise

We need to install and upgrade Zotero on hundreds of computers on campus. The users don't have administrator rights to install or upgrade Zotero.
This must be done by the IT-department.
Please make the documentation also for administrator's, mass installing/updating Zotero.
How to install Zotero silent
How to install Zotero silent without desktop shortcut
How to upgrade Zotero silent
How to uninstall Zotero silent
How to disable upgrade(for users)
How to set settings in Zotero during mass install/update
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    We can't help with this, but Zotero is based on Firefox, so most things that work for Firefox (as of Firefox 60 ESR, for now) would work for Zotero.

    There's also a ZIP version of the Windows build available by appending "-zip" to the platform in the download URL. That might work better for your purposes.

    Settings are stored in prefs.js in the Zotero profile directory, the same as Firefox.
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