Modified citations

A co-author of mine who doesn't have Zotero is modifying citations in our shared Google Docs.

Now Zotero is showing me these messages:

The problem is:

If I click "Yes", I guess the bibliography at the end won't be right (maybe the coauthor added or removed citations).

If I press "No", I will erase my co-author changes.

So I want to analyze them one by one and manually fix them.

How can I do that?

There is no such option.
  • The citation in question should be highlighted with that message, so you can decide based on that, but beyond that, there's no hidden option or so. If you co-author doesn't use Zotero, either get them to not touch the citations or give up on Zotero for that project ( specifically for google docs, I'd recommend against using Zotero in a document with a non-Zotero user, as any cut and paste they do will break citation links to Zotero)
  • Hello,

    the problem is that there are a lot of them, and when I click on "Yes" it moves forward and I am not able to go back and find out what went wrong.

    I think that dialog should should allow me to modify the original citation (while displaying the modified version above).

    For instance, if the citation was "(John Doe, 2012)" and the co-author modified it into "(see John Doe, 2012)", the dialog should allow me to modify the citation so I can put "see" in the prefix as it should be.

    Other than that I will get them to install the Zotero Connector (I understand in this way they can put and paste citations without breaking it?) AND don't touch the citations other than that, just put the new citation in a comment of the original citation and I will handle it.

    We have used Zotero for this project. We will see for the next, probably revert back to Microsoft Word+Mendeley (with me using a virtual machine to run both)
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