Blank Automation Box: Cannot Get Permission for Word 16.52 on Big Sur 11.5.2

Been trying to get permission for word to use Zotero on Mac, but the automation box is empty. I tried wiping all the previous settings of Zotero via the terminal as suggested in a thread, but to no avail. Help?
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    Let's take a step back. What's the actual problem you're facing? Are you getting an error about permissions? What's the error? Have you tried restarted your computer? Can you provide a Report ID?
  • Ok. I'm trying to add citations from Zotero to my word document. Mac says no, cause Zotero does not have permissions, and provides a guide that points me to the system preferences -> security and privacy -> automation section, and asks me to click on the box that says word. But the box in the automation section is blank.

    I haven't tried rebooting yet, and I don't have a report ID.
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