Cannot use Zotero extension on Brave Browser (Chrome extension)

I saw similar posts about my issue but since all of them seem to be unresolved, I am going to post here.

I have an issue authorizing my Zotero extension on Brave Browser. When going to the configuration and trying to authorize it, an error message "Authorization could not be completed. An invalid response was received by the Zotero server" appears.

Since I don't use any proxies, I have tried it taking off using the proxy option but it doesn't seem to help. I also have turned Brave shield down (the shield option is unviable for the Zotero connector configuration page) but again, it doesn't seem to work at all.

I have reported a bug report (no. 1223888748); I hope someone could help me solving this issue.
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    We don't support Brave, so I can't really help you with this, but note that you don't need to authorize anything to use the Zotero Connector. The Connector saves automatically to the Zotero desktop app, and that's how it should generally be used. If the desktop app is unavailable, the Connector will ask if you want to save directly to, and prompt to authorize at that point if necessary. There's never a need to authorize manually in the prefs. (I'm not even really sure why that's there.)

    I'd guess this was just a temporary server problem at the time you were trying to authorize it, but you should save to the desktop app instead anyway.

    If you have the desktop app and the Connector can't connect to it, see
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