Help with documention of Custom Wildcards of ZotFile gives some help, but I find the text is very unrelated to the example provided. Am I misreading this help page?

Overall I find it hard to read because of several reasons. First, there is no example of the result of this custom wildcard applied to a realistic zotero entry. Second, in my opinion the text is written in rather sloppy English, full of ambiguities and hard to read expressions.

Furthermore it looks to me that the text and example are inconsistent. For example:

- `Required parameters: regex, replacement` but the replacement is missing in the example (how can it be required?)

- `operations` does not apper anywhere in the example JSON

- `function` does not appear in the example

- `exec` does not appear in the example

- Field %5 is not written anywhere in the example.

I must also report that examples out there (e.g. are pretty different from the suggested format. For a beginner it is all very confusing.

Is there any better help page? or should I just drop this example page and modify some more readable example available on github (e.g. but these are not official documentation)
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