Sending Word doc and exported references to non-zotero user for editing

I'm looking for a way to export all the Zotero linked in-text citations and bibliography, then send to the editor so they can upload to a word doc (or Adobe?) and do their magic.

I need to send a long report with ~100 references to an editor who will design the report and make it look nice (like a magazine). I need a way of providing the report to them without Zotero linked to the Word doc. I know how to unlink the references, but then this could be a nightmare for the editor without any linked in-text citations.

What type of reference file would I be sending to the editor? CSV, .xml, BibTeX, or RIS?? I see that word only allows you to upload .XML file to the reference bibliography...?

I also have Mendeley and could somehow do loops and jumps and convert from Zotero to Mendeley to Word.

Thoughts, advice?!
  • I'm not totally sure what you're asking. If you want to let them make edits, you would use Unlink Citations in a copy of the document. What's the issue, exactly?
  • @dstillman I am/was unsure if the editor needs to have the in-text citations linked up, in case things get jumbled during the process? This is why I wanted to make sure the editor has a file for the references in a format that they can upload to word if necessary.

    I may be thinking too deeply into this, and unlinking citations should be enough?

  • Yeah, sounds like you’re overthinking. Just give them an unlinked version and they can edit as they would any other document.

    If you think you’ll be expected to make significant updates to citations or the bibliography later such that you’d still want to rely on Zotero to properly update things, you would want them to use Track Changes before editing the document, and then you would need to manually reapply all the changes to your active document. But if they’re doing final edits, just use the unlinked version going forward. (You should still always keep a linked copy, though, since you never know when you might need it.)
  • @dstillman got it, thank you! Yes there will be edits unfortunately. I saved a copy of the linked version and will do manual input later. (Almost) easier than having the linked version be all jumbled in the end.

    Thanks for your help!
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