Cannot install Zotero LibreOffice Plugin: OpenJDK 11, LibreOffice 7.2, Windows 10

AdoptOpenJDK has migrated to the Eclipse Foundation at Adoptium. I downloaded and installed their OpenJDK11U-jdk_x64_windows_hotspot_11.0.12_7, and LibreOffice (x64) sees it no problem as being already installed (I selected it as the JRE to use in LibreOffice and pressed Save). It shows up as Vendor "Eclipse Foundation" and Version "11.0.12" in LibreOffice. When I try to install the LibreOffice Plugin, Zotero (version says "The Zotero LibreOffice Plugin requires the Java Runtime Environment. Visit to download it." and won't let me continue.

The system I am using is for both academic and commercial purposes and so I cannot use the Oracle version of Java without license encumbrance. I searched the 'net and the Zotero forums and the only thing I've found is a reference to problems with LibreOffice 7.0 which apparently have since been resolved. I also found plenty of sites that said that OpenJDK 11 should work. I have rebooted my system for good measure and it didn't help.

I'm stuck and was wondering if someone had a solution?
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