Copy Files to somewere


i wanted to copy all pdf files in a zotero folder to my ebook reader. But it didn't work. I tried to grab the file but with no result. The only way i found was to click "find" and then move the file. But when i have to do this for every file out of 100 files this will be a long work. Am i missing something or is there no way to put all the files from a folder to a special place.

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    How did you try to "grab" the file, exactly? You should be able to just drag the attachment item out of Zotero into a filesystem folder. Unfortunately you can only drag multiple attachments at once on OS X (and maybe Linux), not on Windows.
  • Yes i tried to drag the attachment into dolphin in kde. Perhaps this works only with gnome?
  • Oh, file dragging probably still doesn't work at all in Linux. (That would be "File drag-and-drop is broken on Linux" on the Known Issues page.)
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