Combining my work and personal Zotero libraries

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have 2 Zotero libraries; my personal library and a library attached to my work email address (both which I created, but with different types of references reflecting my personal vs work research areas). I would like to combine these 2 libraries in my home account, while maintaining the work library in its current form. I'm imagining that might involve downloading or exporting my work library and then... uploading it into my home library? Or something like that? I have no idea if I'm using the right terms or if what I'm suggesting is possible or not - not even sure what terms to search for to find an answer. Can anyone provide advice?
  • Two options:

    1) Join a group library from both accounts, copy all items from one to the group library, and drag back to the personal library on the other devices.

    2) Export the whole library to Zotero RDF with files and import into the other library.

    Either way, note that you'll lose any connections for the transferred items to citations in existing word processor documents.
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