ODF Scan plug in broken? Report ID 1639679225

I'm using Zotero and want to use ODF scan to convert my references (going from Scrivener to Libre). I have downloaded all the software today so is the latest version of everything. I downloaded and experimented with the RTF Scan add on first which works fine but I wasn't happy with how many ambiguous references it was giving so thought I'd see if the ODF scan was a better option. I downloaded the ODF scan add on (at link below) and successfully added it to my Zotero toolbox. However, when I run the ODF scan it does not let me choose an input or output file (by that I mean that the button does not activate the pop up window to choose the file as it does in the RTF scan). Some of the wording on the add on references selecting an RTF input file which presumably is incorrect.
Since this functionality all works fine in the RTF scan add on can you please have a look at this issue in the ODF Scan?

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