plans to bring pdf editor to web app?

I understand the answer here may well be no, but I am curious if you are considering adding the pdf editor to the web app?
Given that it's all js, that would seem to be viable at least in principle, and among other things it would solve one of the two biggest issues with using Zotero on Android without an app (the other one being import and I would expect harder).
  • Yep — we've built it from the beginning for eventual integration with the web library, though it'll take more work before we're there.
  • awesome, thanks for confirming that.
  • Hello, thank you for the information. I'm wondering if there is a plan to allow the PDF editor on the web app to mark the text in colour just as it is possible in the Desktop App.

  • Yes, alo planned, but no ETA.
  • thank you, it would be great as in my center zotero desktop app is not allowed/beyond firewall
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