How organizations might want to install the program and you don't

Zotero seems to be written for people who are allowed to be their own computer administrators. In many organizations this is simply not on, because that is an open invitition for malware, viruses, etc to infect the computer.

I'm now creating am installation kit in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (more or less known as SCCM) for our users (since they have asked).

That is when I discover that this software is not friendly. Friendly software will allow us to have a scripted installation which does not bother the user with unnecessary details.

What do I mean by "not friendly" ? I try to discover if there is a way of installing without involving the user. I try "Zotero- /?" and it starts to install. This is not what I want.

And it suddenly dawned on me that GPRS can be broken if Zotero is used to store ordinary information about people.

I want a way of installing the program which does not involve user input until they try to use the program. if there are choices to make, I need to make those choices on the user's behalf before the user even tries to install the program.
  • This isn't something we can advise on — we don't know anything about SCCM or similar. Zotero is based on Firefox, and the same techniques should generally work (though the current version of Zotero may not support all recent advances in Firefox for that). We also offer a ZIP version you can use if that's easier — just use win32-zip for the platform in the URL.
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