trouble with CNKI

zotero couldn't catch the information at all and it reminds me there might be something wrong with translator. firstly, I have tried to search in CNKI directly and zotero works fine. it grabed citations and there was an item in Zotero app, only without pdf( since I don't have access to the materials it appears understandable to me). However, when I use vpn of my university to loggin to CNKI, zotero couldn't work properly. the icon apears as an folder instead of a journal, and "save to zotero(DOI)" instead of "save to zotero(CNKI)". and after several seconds, there would be an hint that something wrong with translator.

I have no idea what happened and it works alright until last week.

the url after I loggin is:

debug ID: 937435677

  • no need to deal with my problems any more. there must be something wrong with my VPN. I happened to change another way to loggin, and it works now. thanks and have a good day!
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