Wich note-taking software with Zotero

Maybe it's more a "reddit" question but I'd like to know if there are note-taking softwares that are can work more easily with Zotero. It would be used as a research diary, (logbook?).
  • You could create standalone notes in Zotero itself. Check out the beta version, which adds a new modern note taking tool and PDF reader.

    If you want an external app, I like Microsoft OneNote. You can copy onenote:// links to your notebook pages and add them as links in Zotero.
  • I went with Obsidian.
  • Thanks.
    What I can understand:
    Notes in Zotero
    Pros : everything at the same "place", probably easiest way to play with links between the logbook and ref.
    Cons: Zotero wasn't design for that. I don't know if it is a "good practice" to pu in Zotero others contents than bibliographic stuff. No mobile app.
    Notes in Obsidian, OneNote
    Pros : core use of the app, can be used both on computer and mobile. Maybe easier to navigate (I don't really know how Zotero behave when we try to "browse" from note to note through links.
    Cons: Maybe difficult to add links from the app to Zotero.
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