Issue Zotfile organization into folders

Hello there, new to Zotero and discovering ZotFile.

I am classifying my papers into years > authors.
Somehow, ZotFile does something wrong with the folders.
The rename seems always correct but:
- In many instances I will get folders “2001“ > “John“ and the files
- In a few, folders “2001John“ and the files.

I configured my subfolders as such “/%y/%a/“ and my renaming as such “{%a|%d}{ (%y)}{ - %s|%j|%t}“

I tried to Run the Javascript command
var items = Zotero.getActiveZoteroPane().getSelectedItems(); items[0];

and compare the output of reference that works and another that doesn't, but so far... no luck. The dates were formatted differently but it seems Zotera understand what is the year. And even fixing the date did not fix the problem.

Any clue what I might be doing wrong?

  • PING
    Any feedbacks on that?
  • It’s entirely possible it’s some sort of bug in Zotfile. If that is the case, it’s probably unlikely to be fixed. Zotfile hasn’t seen active development in some years. Personally I recommend not trying to organize your PDFs into folders yourself. Instead, allow Zotero to handle the file management and interact with your files through Zotero.
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