sort by 'Date Modified' - Default


we can add related papers using the "Add" button in the right side window,
is there a way to set default way of sorting - 'Date Modified' in popping up window called "select items"

every time it needs to right-click and add the "date Modified column".
it is great if we can have that column in default.

also in the word document,
when we go Zotero menu > Add/Edit Citation > classic view > Add/Edit Citation window, I would Iike to have that "Date Added" column in default.

is it possible?

Thank you very much

  • It was standard - prior to the second last update that - to be sorted like the main library. In my case it was sorted by date added.

    Now, if I add the "date added" column in the related pop-up window it doesn't even sort reliable in that column. It's all a mess and I lose quite some time when I have to search repeatedly for the right entries to add.

    I really hope, removing that feature was an oversight and it will be fixed, soon.

    It makes working with Zotero much harder than before.


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