Open, annotate, and save PDF in group library via web browser

I've been trying to figure out how to open a PDF from a group library through web-based Zotero in a mobile browser on a tablet (android/fire), annotate, and then save the file back to the original in the group library. I can open it just fine, but it downloads as a local file in the "downloads" folder, which means that I can't easily save it back to Zotero. Since the "send to tablet" doesn't work for group libraries, and I can't save group library files to my own cloud drive... is there any way for people using an android/fire tablet to open, annotate, and save group library PDFs without having to always reupload and replace the file associated with the parent item? That seems like it could create a mess when collaborating, which is what the group libraries are for. Are there plans for an Android app that would work this way with group libraries or for there to be an internal Zotero pdf annotator that would work through the mobile web browser interface with group libraries? Would REALLY love to be able to save group library files to a cloud drive. Apologies if this was answered elsewhere, looked pretty thoroughly through the forums. Thanks!!
  • I don't think there is, no. For iOS there will be via the app, but I don't think an Android app is planned in the medium run.
  • @adamsmith Ok, thank you for the reply! I think I figured out an okay way to do it, if totally necessary, either by:

    1) download locally via Zotero online -> annotate and save locally -> reupload/replace via Zotero online (being careful to make sure to check if any collaborators have modified the current file first)
    2) just move the parent item with pdf to My Library, then I can edit pdf from my cloud drive... but will need to do a similar thing as in #1 to make sure I update the file associated with group library parent item.

    Putting out a HUGE vote for an android app! (hoping the iOS one goes well and this will be the next step...) I know there are third-party ones available, but they all seem to have some issues, and one directly from you all would be awesome. Thank you so much for being so responsive and for such a great and user-friendly product!!
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