I worked on local copy all the time, after I reinstall the computer, How can I get all my files bac

Dear all, I always working on local copy during my PhD period, but this year, I have reinstalled my computer, Before I reinstalled my computer, I have exported my library. Actually, I exported “My library” only, and did not exported the sub-collection.
After reinstalled, now I try import Zotero library and its pdf files (7.8G), but I am always failure, I only could import the catalog, but I cannot open all PDF files, I am wondering did I make a serious mistake before reinstall my computer, may get them back again? All files are very important for me! Looking forward to you help so much!
  • Do you have a harddisk back-up of your computer prior to the re-install?
  • Thank you for your quick response, Yes, I have, before I re-installed my computer, I have exported zotero "my library",but I did not exported every sub-collection.
  • No, I don't mean an export of your Zotero library, I mean a regular back-up of your harddisk with all it's contents. It's much easier to restore Zotero from it's data folder then using export.
  • Thanks friend, No, I never have a regularly back up for the Zotero database...... So can I recover my zotero database from the exported library, so sad....
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