Citing single-authored section within a journal article? (Section within article within journal)

edited September 8, 2021
I've come across an unusual journal issue or book:

This is a large volume, containing as one section essentially a co-authored book (a Latin reference grammar), and then within that book, the sections are authored by one of the two co-authors. (Whether this is a section within an article within a journal, or a section within a book chapter within a book is unclear.)

Is there any proper way to cite this with that much specificity? Other scholars have cited it by the name of the individual author of each section, but I can't think of any straightforward way to do that in Zotero or even how to format the citation because the 'book' would be a certain page range within the larger volume.

Any suggestions would be welcome, or should I just ignore the section-authoring and cite the whole contained co-authored work, rather than sections within it?
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