iOS beta iPad and iMac beta desktop apps not syncing


I made sure both beta apps on my iPad and iMac are up to date and rebooted each device. I, fortunately, had never had a syncing issue before. However, it looks like a whole subcollection is missing from My Library on my iPad.

I appreciate your help with this!
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    Does the collection exist in your online library?

    If you change the name temporarily, does it appear on the iPad?
  • @dstillman - thank you for your reply. Yes, the collection is in my online library. I changed the folder name to test it as you suggested; unfortunately, it still is not showing up on my iPad.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID from the iPad for the first sync after the collection is renamed? Start debug output logging on the iPad, change the collection name in the web library from your Mac, and then pull down on the items list on the iPad to trigger a sync. (It may also auto-sync before you do that, which is why it's important to start logging before you do the rename.)
  • Just getting back to this, and it looks as though it has synced upon opening it for the first time today. Apologies for not getting the Debug ID before. This is my first time needing to ask for help, so I am unfamiliar with the process; I will keep that in mind in case there is a "next time." Grateful it all worked out, and I appreciate your responsiveness, @dstillman. Thank you, and have a great day!
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