Suppress Author in Notes-Bibliography Style (Chicago)?

Hello, all -

I could not find this info on this site, or in the Chicago style guides.
Is it ever appropriate to suppress author in notes-bibliography style in Chicago style?

The cases I would use this would be those where the author is mentioned in the prefix area already.

For example:

1. Kant states and discusses this principle in Lectures on Metaphysics, L2.28:544-555

instead of

2. Kant states and discusses this principle in Kant, Lectures on Metaphysics, L2.28:544-555

Another case would be a footnote/endnote citing multiple works of the same author; I would think to suppress the author name for all but the first work listed.

3. Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, Critique of Impure Reason, Critique of Impure Thoughts.

is there a rule about such usages? Thank you for any info.
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