Newly-added items no longer appear in 'Add citation' list

I am going through a dissertation adding citations, which are web pages.

I am adding items to the library by visiting the relevant URL in Chrome (for example, then using the Zotero Chrome extension. The items are successfully added to my library this way. I can see them in the correct folder in Zotero.

I then return to my document and insert a new a citation for the web page I just added by clicking on the Zotero plug-in within Google Docs, selecting 'Add/edit citation', typing a few letters of the web page title (which is the same for all these URLs) into the bar which appears, scrolling to the bottom of the drop-down list this generates, and clicking on the last item which is the most recently-added one.

I have successfully inserted several citations this way.

However, now, although I am successfully adding new items to my Zotero library, I can no longer see them in the drop-down list when attempting to insert the citation into my document.

  • Nothing has changed — if an item is in your local Zotero, it will definitely show up in the citation dialog search results.

    If you don't have Zotero open when you save and you choose to save directly to the online library instead, your local Zotero would need to sync before the items show up.
  • The newer ones definitely aren't showing up.

    Is there a limit to the number of items displayed in the dialogue search results? This might explain it, as I have 37 items in there with the same title.
  • I can't remember off-hand, but you can add a creator (author/editor) name or year to narrow down the results.
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