Is this possible? Building a live database in excel using Zotero

Hi all,

I'm working on a team research project and I'm trying to build an excel database of literature/documents that can be shared with multiple different teams who do not use Zotero (thus, can't use the shared folder feature in Zotero). As a heavy Zotero, user, however, I'm interested if there's a way that the document name, tags, and link could be automatically exported to a CSV/Excel-compatible format so that every time I save something using the Connector it creates an entry into the spreadsheet without having to manually do so. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  • One thing you could look at would be to connect the Atom feed of a Zotero library to google sheets via IFTTT -- that should work nicely, but the Atom data is pretty limited, unfortunately.

    For something more advanced you'd probably need some more serious scripting (like a cron job running an API bridge between the two).

    Just to make sure, though -- you're aware that Zotero can export data as CSV, right? So getting new items out in table format is easy.
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