Zotero Integration Error on Mac


When I try to use Zotero on my Word document (blank or already filled) with the "add/Edit Citation" or "add/Edit Citation" button it appears a message saying : "Zotero Integration Error - Zotero experienced an error updating your document".

About Word I have the last version (16.43) and Zotero is the version and I am using a MacBook Air.

I've encountered this issue since I use Zotero (so around 4 months) but I really need it now so any advices would be super useful.

Thanks for your help
  • 16.43 isn't the latest version of Word — that's from November 2020. Start by upgrading to the current version, 16.52.

    If it's still happening after that, we'd want to see a Report ID to start.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answer it actually works with the new version of Word... Sorry for that !
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