QuickCopy in a different citation style?

I have been using other reference managers for years and due to directions in how the devs wanted to go... I decided to give a try to Zotero.
So far the best option I found but I am having a hard time citing things fast.

I come from Papers and I could easily copy paste a citation or bibliography in the format I needed.
I haven't found how to do that yet. I am following the Oikos/Ecography style format which many of my field are familiar with.

So far, I have only been able to achieve the result I am looking for with a "right click ½ Generate bibliography" and choosing citation or bibliography.
Is there a way to set the style of QuickCopy somewhere?

  • Yes, you set quick copy in the preferences under "Export" (in case you need it, the Zutilo add-on lets you set multiple quick copy formats, but it's a bit more involved)
  • @adamsmith oh my my! YES! I don't know I missed that section.
    I installed Zutilo but I am just discovering the depths of its capabilities.
    Is it just to create alternative shortcuts for the same functionalities? Or can you configure... for instance an in-line citation with authors+year+journal vs. author+year?

    I like to cite with the journal before I finalize a manuscript or when I cite research in a presentation. Way easier to find the reference without providing the full reference.
  • I'm not sure how Papers worked, but do note that the quick copy citations are _not_ live citations. You can't automatically convert these into other formats. For that, you'd need to use the word processor add-on.

    Beyond that -- you'd have to find a citation style that does what you want (and to include specifically the journal, would likely need to customize one)
  • From my experience of Papers, I avoid live citation! Too often it messed with prefixes and suffixes of citations. I even lost portions of text at the formatting.
    Not sure how Zotero handles it but I prefer to copy paste citations (or even write them by hand), move them manually in a collection and export the collection as the bibliography at the end when I do a final reading.
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    It's trivial to add a prefix/suffix to a citation with Zotero's word processor plugins:

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