Highlights made on a PDF file on Zotero iOS is not synced

I've highlighted a book (PDF) on my Zotero iOS. The highlights seem to be only on local iPad (as I can see the highlights there and even when opening the pdf on other apps, I can see the highlights).
However, these highlights/PDF is not synced, so I can't see those on my Laptop (Zotero on Windows).

  • You need to be using the new Zotero PDF reader on the desktop to view annotations from iOS.
  • I see. Thanks

    But the issue now is that I cannot extract annotations from the book using ZotFile plugin. Any quick way of exporting those notes into Markdown

    I believe the highlights are synced on cloud and but only the local PDF file have those highlights saved on the actual file itself (in my case above iOS).
    I believe this is an implementation choice not to sync the whole PDF files WITH HIGHLIGHTS.
  • The new PDF reader has built-in support for adding annotations to notes — you don't need ZotFile for that. Notes can be copied and pasted elsewhere, or you can use the new Add Note button in the word processor plugins to add them to word processors with active Zotero citations.

    We're planning to add additional export options for notes in a future version.
  • Thanks for your message. I can now extract the annotation.

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