Invalid security certificate

My Zotero shows that it uses an invalid security certificate, and it stops syncing with my online Zotero library. I've restarted my computer and Zotero, but nothing changed. I've also followed the instruction on the website to check my browser (firefox), which is validated by "Amazon." What is my next step? Thanks to anyone who helps me out.
  • We'd need a Report ID to start (assuming you can submit one, which you may not be able to if Zotero can't connect to the network at all).

    But basically, see SSL Certificate Error. It sounds like you've seen that, but we can't say much more than what's on there — if you're getting a message about an invalid certificate for a URL, it's a problem with Zotero's connection to the internet based on your computer's network configuration.
  • Hi dstillman,

    I am very sorry for replying to this thread this late. I checked my Zotero, and it doesn't allow me to report an error, so I don't have a Report ID. My operating system is firefox, and my Zotero version is 5.0.97-beta.37+ddc7be75c. Thank you.
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    Right, as I say, you wouldn't be able to submit a report error if you're getting a certificate error. See my link above. As noted there, if your browser connection is OK (e.g., showing "Amazon") but your Zotero connection isn't, see Connection Error.
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