Zotero iPhone app?

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  • Is there a Zotero phone app for iPhone? I am switching from Mendeley because they discontinued the phone app. Everyone suggested I transfer my work to Zotero, but I am not clear if there is a phone app. (I read everything on my phone as I take public transit 1-2+ hours a day so this is an absolute must for me.) I am also have trouble understanding how Zotero customer service works. (Not sure I am in the right place.) Thanks for the help!
  • On iOS app: https://www.zotero.org/support/ios_beta (note that invites go out every 3-4 weeks, so may take a while for you to receive one)

    "Customer services" (I'd say user support) does take place here and you're generally in the right place, though when in doubt don't post in existing threads but create a new one ("New Discussion" on the top left).
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