APA Style Sorting Bibliography by Date in Word


I was wondering if anyone has CLS file which sorts bibliography by date in word in APA citation style.

If you don't mind sharing, it would be great if I can get it via email.


Thank you in advance!
  • The APA “curriculum vitae” style on the Zotero repository sorts the bibliography by date if that is what you are looking for
  • Hello bwiernik,
    thanks for the message.

    American Psychological Association 7th edition (curriculum vitae, sorted by descending date) is very similar to what I was looking for.
    However, I am looking for something that sorts by "ascending" date not "descending date"). From the oldest to the newest.
  • Open that CSL file and go down to the “bibliography” section near the bottom. Add sort="descending" to the “key” for date-sort
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    Again, thank you for your response!

    Just to clarify, when I opened the style editor of American Psychological Association 7th edition (curriculum vitae, sorted by descending date), this is how it was coded:

    <key macro="date-sort-group" sort="descending"/>
    <key macro="date-sort-date" sort="descending"/>
    <key variable="status"/>
    <key macro="author-bib"/>
    <key macro="title"/>

    It seems like "sort="descending"" is already added.

    Would you be able to show me where I should add that?
    For some reason, the website is not allowing me to show the code.

    Much appreciated.
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    To display code you must enclose it within open and close html tags
    <code> text text text </code>

    It will then display as:

    text text text
  • view-source:https://www.zotero.org/styles/apa-cv?source=1

    If you want to have the order reversed, just use "ascending" then.
  • Great Thanks!!!
    Finally make it to work!!!!

    Thanks so much!
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