Exporters/CSL for XML (XMP and CrossRef)


we've recently experimented with exporting to XML, e.g. our library/command-line tool https://github.com/OpenDevEd/zotero-lib has an option

zotero-cli item --key KEY --xmp

to export to XMP, suitable for using with PDF metadata. I.e., we set up the Zotero record for one of our publications, and before we upload the PDF, we use the above command the get the XMP, and then use cpdf (or similar) to add the metadata to the PDF.

We're now looking at registering some of our publications with CrossRef. For this, we need to generate most XML, e.g., this https://gitlab.com/crossref/schema/-/blob/master/examples/journal_article_4.4.2.xml / https://gitlab.com/crossref/schema/-/blob/master/examples/resource_references_4.4.2.xml.
Because we have more skills in nodejs than citation styles, we'd probably implement this in nodejs as an export option for zotero-cli.

Are others interested in export to XMP or CrossRef XML? If yes, it might make more sense to implement this as a csl or an exporter?

What do others think?

(PS. We've built transformation from Zotero json to Zenodo json into https://github.com/OpenDevEd/zotzen-lib - that could also be done as an exporter. However, you probably won't need the Zenodo json unless you're using the API, in which case the zotzen tools we have work well. So less need to build this into a UI. But happy to stand corrected on this.)
  • You don't want to do XML export in CSL for sure -- write it as a translator. Those are also javascript anyway, so might be more aligned with your skillset?
  • Thanks!

    Exporters can only be installed manually, right? Unlike the style repository? Or could we contribute the exporter to a set of exporters? Sorry, I forgot how that works :)

  • You can add them via an add-on or you can contribute them -- I think Crossref XML might be an attractive export format to just make available
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