Please add a way to alter row density in 5.0.97

In current versions of Zotero it is possible to alter row density in Collection and Item trees by using the following parameter:
treechildren::-moz-tree-row { height: 30px !important; }

However, in 5.0.97 this option no longer works to adjust row height / item density.
To adjust row height one has to change font size, but by doing this the amount of text that fits horizontally is drastically reduced.
For some, the current spacing between rows might be too small, since it does not allow enough spacing between items and it makes it harder to instinctively locate different rows.

I would like to request if a UI setting in the View menu could be added to alter the collection and item trees density, akin to how on Gmail one can alter the mail density in the Quick Settings -> Density option between a Predefined, Normal and High density.

Something like View -> Density -> 1. Predefined
2. Low Density
3. Very Low Density

Thank you.
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