Google Docs freezes after inserting citation (latest public beta macOS+Safari+latest Z beta)

Hi. I normally use Zotero with Word on the latest macOS, where it works really well. I’m trying it now with a small (5pp) Google Doc. Each time I insert a citation, Docs then freezes. If I reload the page, the citation is there (and the full reference at the end.) Thanks for your help!
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    The Safari connector is currently behind the other browser extensions, so I would recommend trying in Firefox or Chrome.
  • Thanks. In the meantime, the insert citation function has stopped working completely in Safari, and also in Firefox and Chrome. I suspect I have reached a critical level of document complexity (around 5,000 words/42 citations).
  • You really shouldn't have a problem with 42 citations.

    Have you disabled "Automatically update citations" in the plugin's document preferences?
  • Thanks - that has let me insert citations again in Safari. The doc is still then freezing with the Zotero “please wait” message; the citation is there when I reload the doc. Chrome *does* now let me insert a citation correctly.
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