Image stops, audio continues in video projection

I have uploaded several video-files (each appx. 0.5 GB) from my local installation of zotero to the web version. When I call these videos, they run properly for 5-10 min, then the image freezes with a note "network error", while the sound continues.

In the local zotero installation, the files run properly.

When I mark zotero as an exception in the popup-blocker, the image stops even earlier.

Win 10 on a machine with AMD 5 4500 processor
Firefox 91.0.2 (64 bit)
VLC 3.0.12 Vetinari media player
  • Generally speaking, for security reasons, streaming a video from Web Library is not supported. I'm not sure how you open the file in the VLC but your best bet is to let the browser download the file normally and open it then, or just use Zotero (desktop app) for this type of work.

    For security reasons a link to a file that Web Library generates is only valid for a about a minute. That's the time your browser has to begin downloading the file, afterwards it doesn't matter how long it will take as long as it doesn't restart, for this you'd need a fresh link.

    I can only speculate why your exact problem occurs: VLC is able to stream a video file and it will only keep a small buffer for the part of the video that is currently playing. As soon as you need to seek within the video or for any other reason VLC needs to go "outside" of this buffer it will most likely attempt to start another connection, however, for the reason stated above, the URL it has is no longer valid and hence this error.
  • Thanks for mentioning the short life of the URL, this seems a reasonable explanation even if I do not know either the details of VLC.

    However, this brings me to the next question: I did try already downloading the file but was unable to do so. When I click the download icon on the attachment, VLC opens and starts playing right away. When right-cklick the parent entry, I can save the htm-file of the page, but not the attached video file. Possibly, I did organize the entries in a wrong way?
  • edited September 5, 2021
    Unfortunately there is currently no option to explicitly request file download (instead of opening it) in the Web Library, it's a deficiency in the UI and we will look into it. Issue created.
  • Thanks. For the time being I leave it as is and recommend my coworkers to install a local version and sync it. In case you don't mind, please, let me know when a download option becomes accessible.
  • We've deployed a new version of Web Library where it's now possible to save attachments to disk instead of depending on automatic browser behavior.

    When you open attachment details, you should be able to right-click on "Filename" and use "Save link as" browser option. "Filename" should have a little icon next to it, it sometimes might take a second for it to appear. If it doesn't, it means file hasn't been synced.
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