Selection one of duplicates

I used to be able to select one of two in the duplicates to remove it. Now I seem to be only able to select both.
  • Ah, CTRL works to deselect one. All good.
  • No, sorry, can't get this to work.
  • which Zotero version? I think I'm seeing something similar in the beta version
  • Yes, this is in 5.0.97-beta.42+d8af5b792 and has started one or two beta versions ago. Previously it was possible to select a single one using arrow keys.
  • Yeah, so both with arrow keys and ctrl+click I can still remove items from triplet, quadruplets, etc., but it won't let me get below 2 items in any way.
    That's in 5.0.97-beta.42+d8af5b792
  • edited September 2, 2021
    Nice; I came to report the issue and find sb reported it first.

    I am having the same problem (I am on : 5.0.97-beta.41+aa7f5289a)

  • The bug still persists in 5.0.97-beta.43+c5d89f6d0.

    Is it better to report it in Github ?
  • No, all bug reports and feature requests belong here. Zotero developers read every thread.

    I can reproduce this, and we'll work on a fix, though it may not be for a few weeks.

    (This is a side effect of a major rewrite of the collection and item trees, which is why there've been some tree-related bugs in the last week.)
  • @dstillman: this bug still persists in the latest beta.
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